Author Topic: Minecraft 1.7.7 - Create 1.7.5 profile to keep playing on the server  (Read 5976 times)

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Mojang has pushed out version 1.7.7 with a bunch of bug fixes and some new features like name changes(haven't been enabled yet).

I've been gone from the Minecraft universe for far too long so I haven't read up on the fixes/additions to 1.7.7 and all the new stuff that's going to happen when 1.8 gets released some time in the future.
The "sad" news is though that since 1.7.7 isn't backwards compatible with older versions you have to make a new profile in the Minecraft launcher that uses version 1.7.5 if you want to keep playing on the server.

The server will keep running on 1.7.5(1.7.2 actually) until a stable server software for 1.8 is released. I got some plans for the future of the server but I will write about those in another post some time later when I've structured it a bit better.
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