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News and Updates / Minecraft server is revived!
« on: August 05, 2015, 10:32:30 AM »
My personal interest in Minecraft has finally come back again so I've gone out and rented a server again.

This time I will keep the server vanilla, but with a little twist. It will always run the latest snapshot until Minecraft 1.9 is released. This means bugs will be present and the server might crash because of the unstable snapshot server software.

You can read more about the server and the rules under "Information->Minecraft Server".

If any of you old BDH stalkers and Metal Army members wishes to get on the whitelist then shoot me a PM right here :)

I have now taken the server offline and it has been canceled. Thanks for the great times we've had on it everybody :)
Remember, there's also a BDH Steam group Amy has created a long time ago. Let's kick some life into it and play some other games together! ^_^

Over the last few months the activity on the Minecraft server has been dwindling down to almost nothing. I've been gone from the server myself for a long time because I've been busy with other games and other personal stuff. I've also lost most of my interest in the Minecraft game overall.
I guess some of you have also lost interest in playing Minecraft or are busy with your own stuff.

Because of the decrease in activity I've decided to close down the server permanently. Paying £57.30GBP($96.50USD) every third month for a server with almost no activity is a waste of money in my eyes... both my own and your money(those of you who donated a few times).

Some of you(most/all of you?) of course have other servers you play on plus you also have your good ol' singleplayer worlds to enjoy. I'm hoping this wont be too huge a loss for you and you'll quickly find another place to enjoy your time in the Minecraft universe :)

If you have any comments or anything feel free to write a comment on this forum thread.

Here's the white-list ordered by the last time every user was online... just so you have something to look at ;)
Code: [Select]
Whitelisted users on the BDH Minecraft server
            - Last time online -

= Within the last month =
easy0o              -   2 days
kittygamer          -   3 days
bradingtonbeast     -   4 days
blackkit            -   5 days
techiegirl314       -   5 days
earthcaster         -   7 days
demonwolfmaster     -   8 days
rotsvast            -   9 days
j0hnnynachos        -   15 days
mecha_bearshark     -   16 days
hexrated            -   21 days
gryphonsden         -   22 days
                    =   12 users

= Over one month =
verdefern           -   1 month 2 days
fiji_wiji           -   1 month 3 days
madamstitchez       -   1 month 5 days
twizlette           -   1 month 10 days
darkness_remade     -   1 month 14 days
jeracotiii          -   1 month 19 days
moonpie1220         -   1 month 20 days
cindy_reddeer       -   1 month 22 days
raisentrueshot      -   1 month 23 days
siberiantiger5      -   1 month 23 days
mr_shibby           -   1 month 23 days
creepysparky        -   1 month 23 days
lilleblyviol        -   1 month 23 days
reaperx325          -   1 month 24 days
nanorkau            -   1 month 24 days
                    =   15 users

= More than one month =
kittisan25          -   2 months 18 days
zeforgotten         -   3 months 3 days
koekieke            -   3 months 12 days
koekiejo            -   3 months 12 days
remerchan           -   4 months 9 days
                    =   5 users

= Not since 1.7 world reset =
darwinwetrust45     -   not since reset
therion596          -   not since reset
venom7777           -   not since reset
sircamthe3rd        -   not since reset
andrewfuckingmurphy -   not since reset
bananabea           -   not since reset
eta_zuser           -   not since reset
beorimj             -   not since reset
johnfkennedy3       -   not since reset
zeke1092            -   not since reset
punxxx              -   not since reset
tk5188              -   not since reset
                    =   12 users

= 5 users excluded =
2 admin accounts
1 banned
2 have never been on

Mojang has pushed out version 1.7.7 with a bunch of bug fixes and some new features like name changes(haven't been enabled yet).

I've been gone from the Minecraft universe for far too long so I haven't read up on the fixes/additions to 1.7.7 and all the new stuff that's going to happen when 1.8 gets released some time in the future.
The "sad" news is though that since 1.7.7 isn't backwards compatible with older versions you have to make a new profile in the Minecraft launcher that uses version 1.7.5 if you want to keep playing on the server.

The server will keep running on 1.7.5(1.7.2 actually) until a stable server software for 1.8 is released. I got some plans for the future of the server but I will write about those in another post some time later when I've structured it a bit better.

News and Updates / Forum software updated
« on: March 07, 2014, 06:25:53 PM »
I've updated the forum/website to the latest version. It's been needed for quite a while but I've been too lazy and busy at the same time to do it. But now it's finally done.
If you find any bugs please send me a PM and I'll see if I can find a fix for it.

Cheers all :)

Braindead Hooligans Minecraft Server / Rules are rules!
« on: January 10, 2014, 07:38:40 AM »
I've whitelisted people on the Minecraft server because I trust you but I can now see that has been a wrong thing to do.
Over the last week(or three?) stuff has been destroyed and/or stolen. The rules have been clear on this since the server was made over a year ago. I do NOT tolerate people stealing from others or destroying other peoples work.
From now on, whenever someone does anything against the rules, it means jail on indefinite time until you have explained yourself to me. If the griefing is severe you will get an insta ban and you will never get pardoned. I know it's harsh, but shit just got real!

Coreprotect has been installed so I can now see who destroys/steals stuff on the server. A jail* has also been set up so people can mock/torture/kill you if they see fit. If you ever get jailed do the /mail read command in chat to see why you've been jailed and how to contact me about about it.

Be to others like you want them to be to you. Stay real, stay nice and stay safe. Joking and doing harmless pranks on friends is still allowed, but destroying/corrupting the gameplay for other people will be punished.

*do /warp jail to see it/punish prisoners

yup, I got a backup of everything and you should still be on the whitelist :)

The day before yesterday(November 12th) I got a weird e-mail from our host Shard Gaming(formerly DaddyCheese) about immediate shutdown of their services. If you go to their website it says the exact same thing as the e-mail I received. I'm gonna quote it here to keep a record of it.
Quote from:
Due to recent unexpected trading circumstances Shard Hosting Solutions LTD has ceased trading with immediate effect. We urge all clients to take a backup of their data immediately as we cannot guarantee how long services will operate for before being disconnected by our upstream suppliers. If you feel you are a creditor please contact: PHILIP LAWRENCE email:- philip.lawrence[AT]
The folks over at The Register has written a small article about this weirdness going on. It looks like a lot of Shard Gaming's customers who rented servers located in the US has already lost all their data.

I still have access to our EU based(France) server and control panel, but I don't know for how long. As of 11:10 am CET* I've made the latest backup of everything on our server. When I find us a new host(probably this will be where you'll start off again.
*05:10 am EST / 02:10 am PST

I'm a little glad that this happened at a time like this. The next server payment was to be paid in December, so I still got the money you lovely people have donated towards the server costs. Our data and money is safe for now and is ready to be transferred over to a new host when I've found the right one. The downside is however that when our current server gets shut down I'll have to wait till the start of December with renting a new server. I hope you guys have the patience to wait a week or two before you can play on the server again. Hopefully you have other servers and your singleplayer worlds you can play around with.

That's all for now I guess. I'll keep an eye out for news about Shard Gaming and I'll start researching new hosts and see which ones fits us best.
Cheers :)

[UPDATE: Nov. 19th 11:39 PM CET]
For some funny reason the server is still up and running. The servers control panel is also running but it can't connect to the server correctly so I can no longer use it to restart the server or anything. I just did another backup of all our data on the server so we'll be more or less up to date when we move over to a new host.

I haven't been able to find anything new about the crazy and sudden shutdown of Shard Gaming other than people losing lots of money by paying for a full year of service and only got 1-2 months before the shutdown. In my eyes this is starting to look more like a kind of robbery. They still offered their services right up till the shutdown. I'm a bit sad and pissed at the same time on the behalf of the other customers losing money on this. I'm hoping to find more information on this matter. I'd like to know what goes on in the inner circles of small companies doing this kind of stuff to their customers.

So the Halloween update has already been released! o_O
I'm cleaning up the server now and we should be up and running within the next 1 or 2 hours.

Alright, I've been doing a lot of testing with our current server world and the 1.7 pre-release. I've wanted to make a video so it's easier for me to show you what goes wrong because of the new way Minecraft creates worlds, but somehow my computer was borked so it didn't record anything of it. But yeah, we'll be starting all over again with a whole new world on a vanilla server.
When you log on the new server for the first time I'll give you each 4 blocks of diamond(36 diamonds) and an enderchest to keep them safe. This time I'll also keep the server whitelisted so you don't have to bother with annoying guests any longer. I will however let some of my real life friends and some streaming buddies on if they want.

I'm guessing the official 1.7 release will be out on the 31st so when I get my hands on the new server software I'll start cleaning up on the server and remove old files. Right now I'll put together the whitelist so it's ready when the server is updated.

I think that's all for now... cheers!

So when I woke up this morning I went and opened up Minecraft to tweak some server settings in-game but for some weird reason it told me the server was outdated. Apparently Mojang sent out an update without any kind of warning. So the current version(1.6.4) of Minecraft doesn't work with the server. There is a fix to this though! Open Minecraft, press the 'New Profile' button and go down to the 'Use version' dropdown box and select 'release 1.6.2'. You can also edit your current profile if you want. 1.6.4 only fixes a minor bug concerning world generated buildings in single-player.
I'll keep an eye on the Bukkit releases and wait for them to send out a stable enough version of 1.6.4 which hopefully will be available within the next few days if they got enough time on their hands.

Now on to the 1.7 concerns I have...
After reading some more information on the new way Minecraft will generate worlds in the upcoming 1.7 update it seems like option 2(from previous post) might not work the way I was hoping. So updating the server to 1.7 will go the same way as when we updated to 1.6.2 although this time it'll stay vanilla without any kinds of plugins and whitelisting will stay on. I've skimmed through some of the posts on Facebook and seen most of you have been annoyed by guests accessing the server so that's why it'll be whitelisted.

The future 1.7 update brings new biomes and blocks to Minecraft and this is a bit of a hassle to me concerning the current server world. In the worst scenario we have to start from scratch in a whole new world and lose all our buildings and stuff like we did when the 1.6 update came out.
I hate to do it like this because you all worked so hard and spent so much time to collect resources and build all your awesome buildings. But I think I've found some kind of solution to it.... if it works.

1st option
Completely new world.
We'll have nothing when starting but there will be all the new stuff like the new biomes, flowers and all the other stuff around the spawn area. There are new areas, caves, ravines and abandoned mine shafts to explore that haven't been raided for resources.

2nd option(if it works)
As some of you might remember we had the WorldBorder plugin that limits the world size on the server a few months back. It turns out I might be able to use it to set a border, trim the chunks outside the border, remove the border and new terrain will be generated when explored.
If I use this method we will be able to keep our current world and let new terrain(biomes) be generated outside the spawn area.
The downside about this is I have to set a rather small border so the buildings outside the border will be lost so people don't have to travel so far to experience the new biomes and other stuff from the 1.7 update.

Tell me what you guys think I should do. New world so you will lose all your stuff but get all the great new 1.7 stuff from the start or try and attempt the WorldBorder method and some of you will lose your buildings outside the border.


Remember that it'll be several weeks after the official 1.7 release that the server will be able to update to 1.7.

Braindead Hooligans Minecraft Server / Chest protection is back
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:42:23 AM »
Yup, now you can protect your chests, furnaces and other stuff again!
Since the Lockette plugin has stalled I've found another plugin called LWC. Sadly this isn't sign-based like Lockette was, so when you want to protect a chest you need to write /cprivate in the chat and then left-click on the chest. This is only for the old chests you've already placed though. When you throw down a new chest it'll automagically be locked to you.

Battlefield / Re: Weekly BFBC2 event
« on: September 02, 2013, 12:17:43 PM »
You do know that AM is at night, right? ;P
So, every Sunday 1 PM CET?

I have updated the Minecraft server to the latest CraftBukkit beta build and the Essentials plugin suite has also been updated to the latest dev build.

It also seems like the Lockette plugin we used to lock chests with has been abandoned. I will see if I can find another plugin that lets us lock chests.

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